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Dispensary Loyalty and Rewards

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Case Studies

Hydra Elevated boosted their revenue by 40% within the first 30 days of using TokeIn.

This is the loyalty and referral program dispensaries have been waiting for.

— Chelsea, General Manager

Increase Revenue

Boost Foot Traffic

Build Loyalty

"Our revenue hit a plateu. We tried TokeIn's 30 day trial. The loyalty and referral program worked like gangbusters."
Chelsea, Hydra Elevated Wellness

Stamp Card

Increase revenue with a stamp card in every customers pocket. Customers don't have a phone? Use our tablet app or paper stamp cards instead. Stamps bring your customers back!

Text Message Campaigns

Create a simple and targetted text message that is sent to a specific customer profile. This creates compelling relationships with your customers!

First Time Members & Referrals

Track and reward new customers for joining your dispensary or when they invite their friends. Create strong hooks to increase your customer acqusition.

Live Menu Linking

Deep link to your live menu so customers can quickly access your menu and products on their phones before they visit. No manual updates or integration required.

Deals & Promotions

Entice customers to come back by adding your deals and promotions. Personalized deals and rewards keep customers loyal.

Analytics & Visualization

Bucket your customer list into different customer profiles. Use these customer buckets to create triggers.

CRM & Dashboard

Measure your success! Use data you collect surrounding visits, purchases, and preferences to scale your business the right way!


$299/mo - $399/mo + $500 Setup


  • Unlimited customers
  • Up to 10,000 text messages per month
  • Unlimited Customer Insights
  • Unlimited Deals & Promotions
  • Link to Existing Online Menu
  • Mobile App & Stamp Cards
  • In-store Tablet App for Customers
  • Marketing Handouts (worth $500)
  • Dedicated Loyalty Expert

Start with a 30 Day Trial.
No Strings Attached.

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A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one.

Questions & Answers

Does this integrate with point-of-sale systems?
Currently we are building API integrations with industry POS systems. As of now, no additional software for your budtenders and front desk staff is needed. There is minimal friction and virtually no training required.
What are the terms of the agreement?
You pay month-to-month, and can cancel at any time.
Do I need hardware?
Nope. Budtenders interact with the TokeIn app on your customers smartphone. Optionally, we provide paper based stamp cards, or you can supply your own tablet.
Who owns the customer data?
You own the data you've collected. You can export it at anytime from TokeIn and use it for other purposes. We do not share individual customer data, or your customer list.
How do customers get points/stamps?
Customers scan your QR code (after purchase) to get a stamp. Some dispensaries add a minimum purchase to get a stamp. Additionally, we provide paper stamp cards or a tablet app for your store.
When do I see an ROI?
You could see results in the first 14 days. If you’re a new shop just opening, you could see ROI in as little as 30 days.
How closely will you work with me?
Yes, we provide in-depth and comprehensive support. If you need help with campaigns, and getting more value from TokeIn, you can schedule a call at anytime.
What's the guarantee?
You will have a 30 day trial to make sure you see the value of TokeIn before committing.
Can I get more than 10,000 texts?
Of course! We don’t cap text messages and will work with you to figure out how much you’ll need.
What if I have multiple locations and stores?
We provide enterprise level plans and support for retail chains or operators with multiple dispensaries.
How long does it take to setup?
Your loyalty program will be setup within 15 minutes of your kick off call with our Customer Success team.
Who are you guys, anyway?
We are a team of retail experts with deep roots in cannabis. We have worked with dispensaries across North America and have built industry POS, and ERP systems. In other words - we speak your language.
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