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How To Increase Revenue at your Dispensary by 300% without needing to use Expensive Billboards or Online ads

What you will learn:
  • The well-known, but poorly understood way to build a loyalty and referral program that gets you crazy results and revenue
  • How to build a loyalty program that collects data and acts as a revenue making machine with your existing customers
  • How to develop a lethal and scalable referral program that will help you acquire new customers hand over fist
  • How to measure your success and repeat
  • Hydra Elevated

    Hydra Elevated: 40% increase in revenue, and 12 new customers from the referral program after only 30 days.

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    A Few Clients

    • Boosted revenue by 40%
    • Increased visits by 20%
    • Boosted revenue by 60%

    "We’ve been in business since October 2017. Business was pretty consistent the first few months, but then we felt like we hit our peak early! We used tools like Weedmaps and Leafly to help build our customer list where we saw big results at the start. We tried expensive text messaging services for sometime, but nothing was all that effective, or resonated with customers. Overtime, we lost a lot of customers to new businesses. The apps were great to bring customers in the first time, but it hardly ever brought them back. We needed to retain more business after paying those hefty prices to acquire it.

    We found TokeIn and decided to try out their 30 day trial.

    The results were incredible.

    Within the first month, we increased our revenue by 40%.

    Hydra Elevated

    The loyalty and referral program worked like gangbusters.

    We now drive traffic to our store by using flash deals, targeted text messages, using the insights we get from TokeIn and help from Peter."

    Chelsea, General Manager @ Hydra Elevated

    Loyalty Program for Cannabis
    Loyalty Program for Cannabis

    Peter Barbosa

  • Founder of Grow One. Cannabis ERP platform for licensed producers. Acquired in 2015
  • Founder of ITelligent. IT services for producers and dispensaries. Acquired in 2013
  • Built cannabis POS and business solutions
  • Consulted and worked with 100+ dispensaries across the US & Canada
  • Consulted with the highest traffic California operators and shops
  • Brain trust for cannabis retail best practices